Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New and Exciting Things!

I know I'm not the best blogger but that's ok! Steve and I have been so busy since I last posted. Since then, we moved into a new apartment and into a new ward!! And we LOVE both!! What a difference and we're so happy we did it!!

I'll start with Steve... Steve is still working at Q13 and doing really well! They recently came out of bankruptcy  and Tribune re-bought them. So we're going to be here for a long, long time. Not that we thought about moving but now it's for sure!! Fox is getting a new system for Steven's department that will make his life easier at work! And out of everyone he works with they chose Steve and one other guy to learn this system and teach everyone how to use it! I'M SO PROUD  OF HIM! He works so hard and for him to be recognized like this is amazing!!  He also got a calling at church. He is now the Elder's Quorum Secretary! How perfect is that?!?! With his crazy OCD he will keep them nice and organized!! It'll be great!!

With me, nothing is too exciting. A while back I took an extension class and it was so much fun! So if you want longer, fuller hair... Come see me! ;) Also a couple of weeks ago, I got a calling as well. I'm the new Primary President!! Hahahaha. Crazy right?!?! Let me just say that this is pretty much a second job! But I love it and am so humbled! So if anyone wants to move into our ward that has kids in primary... Do it! They'll love it!! So if our blog turns into a primary blog... You'll understand! Plus if you have any primary idea's... I'll take em!!

That's about it with Steve and I! I don't know who reads this if anyone but incase you were wondering what happened to us... You'll understand now!! Another update will be up in 6 months! Until then!! Hahaha.


Tami Carson said...

Lindsey, You will be an amazing Primary President. My favorite calling thus far. Bishop Hafner gave me the best advice when he called me, "Know your calling better than I do" and then he handed me the handbook. Live by the spirit and that handbook is the starting place for everything!

Carolyn Rhodes said...

Well yay you updated! Not that I didn't know this stuff, I knew it all except for Steve's calling! I think it is funny that you mentioned his OCD ness! ha ha
Have fun!

suepeterson710 said...

Oh my goodness, I think I feel faint. You updated! JK.
So proud of both of you.